About Stronger Families Church


Mission: Connecting those who are far from God, to their Abundant Life in Christ!
Strategy: Be a Force of Liberty to the oppressed and Empowerment to the Willing!


There are 975,000 people living in the Metropolitan Area.
People in our city with little or no involvement in a local church.
People involved in a church plant who have never been involved in a local church.
Christ followers who started their relationship with Jesus in a local church.

Our Pastor & Assistant Pastor

Andre & Gisele Messner

Before starting Stronger Families, they served (on staff) at their home church in Missouri for years, where they served in just about every capacity, working with children, teens, adults, and small groups. They are passionate about Jesus and dedicated to helping the local church be all that God intends for it to be—where people can meet Jesus face-to-face and experience life transformation.

Andre and Gisele felt God’s call to Papillion in 2015, and by February of 2016, they packed up their home in Missouri and moved to Papillion.

They have four beautiful children, their daughters Julia and Elida, and their sons Titus and Caleb.

Their vision is to lead a church that loves Jesus, the community, and its people so fully that its common for people's impossibilities to become their testimonies.

They want to see all that are far from God be raised into new life in Christ where God's Glory is on full display through their lives.

As a life giving people, they have dedicated their lives to being a force of liberty to the oppressed and empowerment to the willing to see fullest measure of God's Beauty and Strength revealed through everyone.

andre and gisele

Our Essentials

Everything we do is centered around leading people through our four essentials.

Know Jesus

Find Freedom

Discover Purpose

Make a Difference

Core Values


God seeks us all to be raised in Christ's inheritance that we receive all of His Acceptance, Love, and Strength. God is Good towards us!


The church is God's family, and as such, we fully accept, care for, and love everyone who comes to us like God does for us.

Through our church family we raise up Powerful Believers who overcome the impossible to Live Amazing lives for Jesus!


As God is extremely generous with His people, we are naturally to be just as generous with our: resources, finances, time, and people.


It’s not just who you know, but it’s who knows you that matters most. We are a church of groups. We don’t think anyone should do life alone.


Everything we do is driven by our vision. It if doesn’t line up, we don’t do it.


We are a church dedicated to serving our community and meeting real, tangible needs. We want to partner with the amazing people who are making amazing things happen.


We believe Jesus is worthy of all of our passion. We pour everything we have into everything we do.


God is Good
Dream Big!

Nothing is Impossible
Have Audacious Faith!

Blood of Jesus Paid it All
His Kingdom is Now Ours,
Trust His Relentless Love!

We are Significant
Serve Your Calling Well!

Our Beliefs

(1 Jn 5, Gen 1, Rom 8, 2 Cor 5, 1 Jn 4, Eph 1 & 5)

(2 Ti 3, Jn 14-17, Eph 3, Rm 11, Eph 4)

(Acts 2, Eph 1, Mat 6 & 9, 1 Jn 4)

(Ph 1, Mk 9, Ep 4, Rm 11, Jer 29, 1 Pt 2, 2 Cor 9)